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Special Collector’s Bagged Set – 375 bills in all!

Collect all 15 different pads of our fabulous bills in a beautiful American-made canvas money bag. Nearly all of these bills have been retired and will not be available once stock on hand is gone. Our rare and retired bills from the Clinton era are almost gone. Grab your piece of history now while supplies last for just $75.00.

Collector's Set contains:

  • Bill Clinton Bill of Impeachment
  • Bill of Sore Losers
  • $4 Bill & Hill Bill
  • Slick Claus Bill
  • Lawyer Reserve Note
  • Hillary Rodman $3 Bill
  • Bimbo Eruption $3 Bill
  • Queer Reserve Note
  • Reagan Million Dollar Bill
  • Chinese Gore Bill
  • Obama $3 Bill
  • Obama 3¢ Bill
  • Obama's Party Crew $3 Bills
  • Queen Hillary $3 Bill
  • Donald Trump Billion Dollar Bill
Collector's Money Set ...Item CBAG ...$75.00
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